Roast Pumpkin Soup + Crispy Sage Pepitas

June 20, 2017

Yuuuuuuum. Sometimes the things on top of soup excite me more than the soup itself. This soup is bloody delicious anyway, but the crispy bits on top are where the party is at. Crispy, sweet, and salty slithers nestling into tiny pillows of goat cheese that melt into the warmly spiced golden velvet lake beneath… It’s like a sexy novel in a bowl.

And you’ll find it nice to know but startlingly obvious that stout also accompanies this soup quite well. THANK GOD.

Why should you care about this soup? Because it’s good soup, that’s why.

Cozy Barley + Vegetable Soup w/ Garlic Rosemary Croutons

May 25, 2017

Soup. Hot food from a pot. It’s easy, it’s cheap, you can use leftover vegetables to make even more delicious leftovers. Its alchemy really. Souper-duper.

I start craving soup (as well as stout) as soon as the weather gives a chilly nod. So expect more soup recipes soon. Perhaps accompanied by stout. Or maybe I’ll just write a whole post on “delcious cold brown soup from a bottle”.


Anyway, this particular soup is one hearty vegetable soup pumped up with a bit of barley and shujjed up with croutons (old bread alchemy). 

Spicy Tempeh + Sweet Potato Bowl

July 25, 2016

This is one of my favourite go-to comforting dishes. It’s full of warming flavours and it fills you up good. It also tastes really good as cold leftovers the next day if you need an easy lunch. This dish is busting out the protein from the combo of tempeh and quinoa, and is a great source of complex carbohydrates too. Which means you'll be buzzing with sustained energy and you'll feel fuller for longer. If you’re new to tempeh, these spicy little bite-sized morsels are a great way to get to know it. I find tempeh to have a rich, earthy, almost mushroom-like taste, which is complimented perfectly by the sweetness and softness of the sweet potato in this dish.

Tri-Colour Vege Satay Tofu Bowl

16 June, 2016

There are definitely more than three reasons to add this recipe to your repertoire. It’s EASY, it’s QUICK, it’s LOW in carbohydrates and HIGH in protein, AND it’s got a health coach in every bite. 

Say whaaat?...

Bircher Muesli

May 31, 2016

This is one of my favourite breakfast recipes to give to clients. It provides a great supply of protein and carbohydrates to kick off the day, it’s easily digested, and because you make it the night before, there’s no excuse for skipping breakfast.  Even if you’re pushed for time to eat it before you get out the door, or if you exercise before breakfast, it’s a perfect travel companion that you can eat post-morning workout or nibble on when you get to work.

Porcini Mushroom + Kale Quinoa Risotto

May 4, 2016

So hello to comfort in a bowl. Autumn has well and truly nestled in, so my gut craves cosiness. The inspiration for this dish comes from my all time favourite whole food blogger, Sarah Britton of My New Roots. She’s a bloody genius, and a quinoa risotto is just one of her many glorious food babies. My version is dressed up quite differently but is still a quinoa risotto nonetheless and definitely still hits all the good tummy notes. It’s creamy without being heavy, fresh without being cold, and also pretty darn easy for a mid week dinner. And unlike risotto, you don’t have to stir it non-stop! It’s like a less-starchy, more-lazy risotto. Perfecto.

I quite like a challenge. So when I woke up to a green bowl post challenge for the week by the awesome Mint Movement Pilates Body Bootcamp, by golly was I excited. I’m not sure that this challenge was intended as even slightly competitive, rather more of a motivational nudge, but I took it quite seriously and gosh darn I’LL BE DAMNED IF I CAN’T MAKE THE BEST DAMN GREEN BOWL THIS WEEK!!!  And I do have a bit of a competitive streak in me, (good morning commuter cup!!), so needless to say, shit was about to get real. And green. So with a salad-spurred rush of adrenaline pumping through my body, I got to thinking, then felt a little tired (possibly the comedown from the salad adrenaline..), then turned to my food processor, and then the rest is history.